Monday, August 24, 2009

Quiet days..

You may have noticed that the shop has been a little bit quiet over the last week.. Finding sewing time each day is much harder with a baby then I thought it would be! I think I have been fitting in around 1 hour every couple of days but fear not! I will be adding around 10 new pouches and pencil cases next week. We have some relatives staying with us at the moment so i am not sure if anything will be added this week but I will do my very best :)

Last time I mentioned that I had a new item coming in the the shop! I now have sleep eye masks available in the shop!! A few have sold since I listed them so I think there are only a couple more left but I have a bunch more waiting to be sewn up (just need more time in the day!!)
I cant help but think how much I could have ready to put in the shop if I had a whole day free.. Some how I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon...

Until next time, ta ta!


AlyGatr said...

What a beautiful, sweet babe! It's amazing you find the energy to make new things. Good for you :)

Angela said...

Aww what a cuteee!! You are doing a great job making the time to do anything! I know the feeling, mine is now 4 months old and some days I just waste the day playing with him and watching him!!