Saturday, March 29, 2008

100 sales at last!!!

Wow! I have finally made 100 sales!!! Thanks everyone for helping me get there!!! The hard work is starting to pay off. March was slow to start off with but since I have started my pouches, I have noticed more and more views. It is a nice change from cutting and gluing. I love my blobs but fabric is a nice change.

Oh and my cherry pouch was in a treasury!! It is one of my favourites!!

I am in the process of adding lots more new pouches tonight but I am also working on my Little Guy Keyrings. I have been through quite a few prototypes but slowly getting there!! Here is a little peek :o)

Make sure you check back soon!! Lots is happening!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ding Dong - Mails here!!

Oh so much goodness!! I had lots of things in the mail this week!! New stuff will be in my shop very soon so make sure you check it all out!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Long Night

I have been working like there is no tomorrow with my new pouches! I LOVE making these!!!!!

These are all slowly being added to my store. Still having loads of fun on Flickr! I cannot believe I didnt know about it sooner! Probably a good thing otherwise I would never finish anything!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Pouches!!

Oh They have been so fun to make!! I was up for half of the night listing them in my Etsy Store!

No sales yet but a few views. Hopefully they sell well as I have just brought over $150 in new fabric which should be here in a few weeks. Oh I am so excited!!! It is nice to mix things up abit. I havent been sewing for ages!

I have also finally redone my flickr page!! It was a dumping ground for a while but it now looks nice and organised!! I have also joined a few groups which has been fun. Gosh, I could live on the computer!! Thank goodness for the long weekend!

I was also looking through some of our happy snaps in QLD. I think this is a really cute one :) It is now my desktop image :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

So much to tell!!

I am finally home! oh it was sooo much fun. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It went so well and I couldn't have asked for anything more!! Above is a little fun snap shot of us at the reception.. I am waiting to get the photos back from everyone else. Thats the good stuff :)

Today I went and did a little bit of shopping and brought lots of colourful goodies!!! This fabric will be used for my upcoming zipper pouches line which I am so excited about. My fabric collection is just getting too big and I need to finally put it to good use!!

I also forgot to show you all my new addition!! Sammy brought me my ASUS eee Laptop!!!!! I love it!!! I spent so much time using it on the trip away. It only weighs 900 grams and is so small!!!

Well that all for now but check back soon to see the new coltection of my pouches!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Blogged is a cool website I found while browsing the Etsy forums! I was so shocked to actually find myself listed on there! It is a really cool website if you enjoy reading peoples blogs! (my favourite thing to do on a weekend!!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time out

Well it has been nice to get away as I have had the time to myself to really sit and think about new ideas for my store.

My Etsy store has been inactive for a few weeks now as I burnt myself out over Christmas and wasn't really ready for it as it was my first year. After the success i had over Christmas it was hard to go back to a sale a week or even 1 every 2 weeks! I often have moments where i think are people really going to want to buy my items in a few months time. Especially when i make 10 items and upload them over a few days and only get couple of hits and not one sale. I have such a huge drive to want to make Odds & Blobs really something but just find it hard to know where to really look to get it to where i want it.

I have been lucky to have been approached by Georgie Love. It was the biggest compliment to have someone ask to sell your stuff and Sally does a really fantastic job with her website. she has a fantastic selection of artists.

I have been planning on adding some new lines for a while but just have not had time on my side as my job is so demanding and takes alot out of me. In the coming weeks I am working on a range of notepads, zippered pouches, pencil cases and cute keychains. I have been meaning to do it for so long as i have this huge stash of fabric but just no time to put it to good use and i haaate wasting good fabric.

oh that was a long one!!! Make sure you check back soon for my new stuff!!