Friday, May 29, 2009

Where to start...

I have been busy this week! I had a large custom order and finally got around to finishing my memo pad covers. I LOVE them! They came out so much cuter than I was expecting!! You can find them in the shop but be quick! The Blue Garden one has already gone! Next on the 'to do list' is A5 Journal Covers.

This was the custom order which I just finished! Now time to focus on more new things!!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My back hurts...

I think my baby has dropped... I have such bad back pain and I feel like there is a brick lying on my bladder... Only 9 weeks to go.. Is this where it all goes downhill I till I meet my little man. Here is a little peek of what I am looking like at the moment... A chubba if you ask me :) (excuse the bad photo, mum's camera was about to die).

On the weekend I also relocated my craft room to the back of the house. The light in this room is sooo much better and I have a lot more space. I have finally setup two separate sections. craft table and computer/laptop desk. Before I had my laptop with my sewing machine and I was always becoming distracted and never got anything done!

Well that's it for now... I think I need a back rub :(


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eek! I need to have a sort out!

My stock box is starting to over flow. I need to invest in a few more of these boxes! I might even need to soon have a sale and try and make room for lots more new stuff!I have added lots to the shop in the lat few days! I have really enjoyed making my new gadget pouches. I love them all! Your camera is sure to be safe in one of these babies!!

And on a Molly update, well, $350 later we found out that she is ok. The vet couldn't find anything really wrong with her ear so he has given us some ear drops. she doesn't like them too much :/

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My poor little Molly

I am trying to keep myself busy because we had to take our little doggy to the vet tonight. The poor little thing has had an itchy ear for about a week now so they have had to sedate her to fix it... We are waiting for a call to know when we can pick her up. I felt so bad leaving her, she was very sad :(

In the mean time I have tried to keep busy with finishing up my new gadget/camera zip pouches. These pouches have padding inside so they are PERFECT for your camera or phone. I didnt realies how hard it is to work with padding! I think all up I did 3 prototypes to get it perfect! I have also top stitched near the zip so it looks neater. What do you think??

Off to make lots more!! (And hope that the vet calls soon!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back from Holidays!

Queensland was so awesome! We did lots of shopping and eating. I had to come back and share with you all the most coolest chocolate place we went to for breakfast!! Check it out!! It is a place called Max Brenner.

It was chocolate overload, we felt sooo sick afterwards!

It is nice to be back home though. My baby belly is getting bigger by the day so it is nice to be in the comfort of our home. I can;t believe that i am 30 weeks!! Not long to go now! I also got straight back in to sewing. It is so sad but it is all I wanted to do while I was away! Is that bad??

Good news was that I got one of my custom orders finished today. I fall in love with everyone of these monster pouches. It is hard to part with them!

I have plans to bring out a bunch of new monster stuff soon! I won't give too much away yet, you will just have to stick by. It shouldn't be too long!