Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Ok, so I signed up to Twitter like a year ago... I never used it because I just didn't understand what all the fuss was about. For some strange reason I went back yesterday and now I am truly addicted!! How does this happen!? I now sit on my mobile looking at what is new on Twitter while waiting for the little man to fall asleep (he tends to get a bit upset when I leave the room, but we are working on making this better). If you want to follow my useless ramblings feel free!!

Over the past week I have listed my new Travel Gift Sets. I think these just make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves to travel! You can buy the items separately but you save if you buy the passport cover and eye mask together! I will be adding some more sets in the next coming weeks.

At the moment I am working on a bunch of new monster pouches. These are some little babies in the making, they are just waiting to be eye balled and smiles to be sewn, then onto pouches they go!! Don't forget, all of my monster pouches are unique and are NEVER relisted. Another perfect Christmas present :)

Now, off to do more tweeting! :)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Has it really been that long!?

Oh my! It feels like I haven't blogged in weeks! Where do my days go?? I have been trying to find a minute in a day to get so much done! I have soooo many news items to be sewn up but where do I start I keep saying to myself!! I have been busy with orders and sending these out to customers is my top priority so often listing new items which have been made up weeks ago can take a while! Good news is that I have updated the shop with new eye masks and new pouches! I listed 5 new pouches last night and they are all made from NEW fabric so my store is looking nice and fresh :) I also have a bunch of new fabric coming in the next week so again there will be lots more to look forward to!
I can't believe that I have spend more time on my shop now that I have a baby then I did when I had a day job. I think it is because I move so much faster as every minute that jacob is sleeping is precious time! It doesn't last long so I have to make the most of it! At the moment he is napping only a couple of times a day and they are only about 1-2 hours long. I am lucky to get 3 hours some days!!

Ok, enough said, I have a sleeping baby and new passport holders to be finished!!