Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know I know, it's nearly February and i am only now wishing you all a happy new year... Well it is better late then never right??

Life feels like it just keeps getting better. Jacob is now 6 months and I feel like we have FINALLY established a routine that works!! I have tried so many to only have it all go through the window in a week. Before now, I don't even think I could have called it a routine, lets just say, it was 'chaotic', seriously. I think most days I was running on about 4 hours of sleep thinking, 'Yeah I am tired but I have so much to do'... Well I learnt it the hard way... I ended up burning myself to the ground and was no good to anybody... I ended up crying at everything, poor hubby, everytime he would come home and say 'How was your day' it would turn into me crying without even being able to say a word! Ick, it was awful. But, things feel better now, I just have to remember that i am no good to anybody if I can't take care of myself!

Over the past week I have spent a lot of time doodling.. It is insane how it relieves stress, I now go to sleep thinking of things to doodle when I wake up... weird... I scanned a page which I did late last night, not the best but it was fun.
I would love to some day turn some doodles into fabric.

Last night I brought a SUPER COOL book from Amazon, It is called 'Doodling for Papercrafters'. It looks like a bunch of fun doesn't it!?

In other news, the shop has a few new goodies. I have added some new passport covers and pencil cases, a few were only one offs and they went quickly! I will try and post here next time I have some 'one only's' so you can take a peek before everyone else!

In other 'oh so exciting news' my super awesome sister is coming back from the UK in a couple of weeks!! As I will have a spare pair of hands it will mean that the pile of fabric sitting next to me should be able to be finally be touched! Most of the new stuff is going to be passport covers, I love making these covers... I was hoping to make some note book/journal covers but I am yet to make the decision...

Ok gotta fly as the little man is waking! love you all!