Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Start of MONSTER FARM!

Lotsssss has been happening! I finally have got my Monster store up!!! Say Hello to MONSTER FARM! This is my new etsy store which has all of my monster items. My logo and packaging is still in the design process but it hopefully wont be too far away! I have sooo many more monsters sitting next to me to be photographed and listed.

I am also in the middle of moving house at the moment too! we have sold our 2 story town house in the city and are moving into a 4 bedbroom home just outside the city. I will not miss the stairs that is for sure!! At the moment we are camped out in the kitchen as we have packed up everything.
My shop will still run as normal though :) I have my packing supplies right next to me :)

I have also taken part in a blog giveaway at onthedotcreations which I am really excited about. I haven't done anything like this but I am trying to promote a bit more seeing as the market is a bit slow at the moment. It should be interesting! Make sure you check it out as you can score a few freebies! Goodluck!

Well I better leave it there for now. gotta keep moving.

Bye for now