Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My poor little Molly

I am trying to keep myself busy because we had to take our little doggy to the vet tonight. The poor little thing has had an itchy ear for about a week now so they have had to sedate her to fix it... We are waiting for a call to know when we can pick her up. I felt so bad leaving her, she was very sad :(

In the mean time I have tried to keep busy with finishing up my new gadget/camera zip pouches. These pouches have padding inside so they are PERFECT for your camera or phone. I didnt realies how hard it is to work with padding! I think all up I did 3 prototypes to get it perfect! I have also top stitched near the zip so it looks neater. What do you think??

Off to make lots more!! (And hope that the vet calls soon!)


AlyGatr said...

Your pouches are adorable! I love the fabrics you use.

Karen said...

I love your zip pouches! They are adorable. Nice Blog!

Odds'n'Blobs said...

awww thanks so much ladies!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jess, I hope Molly gets better. Love your cute little deer pouch!!!
xo, Swee