Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back from Holidays!

Queensland was so awesome! We did lots of shopping and eating. I had to come back and share with you all the most coolest chocolate place we went to for breakfast!! Check it out!! It is a place called Max Brenner.

It was chocolate overload, we felt sooo sick afterwards!

It is nice to be back home though. My baby belly is getting bigger by the day so it is nice to be in the comfort of our home. I can;t believe that i am 30 weeks!! Not long to go now! I also got straight back in to sewing. It is so sad but it is all I wanted to do while I was away! Is that bad??

Good news was that I got one of my custom orders finished today. I fall in love with everyone of these monster pouches. It is hard to part with them!

I have plans to bring out a bunch of new monster stuff soon! I won't give too much away yet, you will just have to stick by. It shouldn't be too long!


Hollyrocks said...

The chocolate breakfast looks yummy, but I guess I could see how that would be a little too rich for the morning time. Your pouches are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am also falling in love with your monster pouches.
xo, Swee