Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eek! I need to have a sort out!

My stock box is starting to over flow. I need to invest in a few more of these boxes! I might even need to soon have a sale and try and make room for lots more new stuff!I have added lots to the shop in the lat few days! I have really enjoyed making my new gadget pouches. I love them all! Your camera is sure to be safe in one of these babies!!

And on a Molly update, well, $350 later we found out that she is ok. The vet couldn't find anything really wrong with her ear so he has given us some ear drops. she doesn't like them too much :/

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Sylvia C. said...

Cute stuff. Vets do that, huh? Charge you a bagillion dollars, only to say they don't have any answers.

Nice blog!

Sylvia C.