Friday, March 26, 2010


I was going a through a few of my bookmarks and came across another gorgeous picture of my little angel. I created a Tumblr account last year but didn't really get it so thought I would post it on here. I love reading through my blog every couple of months. It is amazing how quickly you forget moments. I wish I could keep an actual 'Journal' but it just doesn't feel the same as an online one where I could look back at photos :)

This is just another small moment which I can keep and look back at.

From 17th October 2009

Today you played in front of the TV, I still think your eyes are going to turn square

but you look so cute sitting there with your daddy watching the sport.

What are you thinking when you watch them hit the ball the ball from side to side?

I’m not sure, but, you enjoy it, whatever makes you happy. All I want is my precious angel to be happy.

I love you my sweet baby Jacob

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The Clip Cafe said...

He is gorgeous! They grow way too fast, but every stage is a blessing :-) I am a fellow Madeitian I love your sewing skills - very envious! lol :-) Feel free to stop by my blog.