Monday, November 9, 2009

Can I please have more hours in a day??

Time has flown! I don't even know where to start with this entry, I think that is why I have been avoiding this blog. There is just so much happening that my brain feels all mushy.

My lil guy is almost 4 months, 4 months!! I started him on mushy cereal yesterday and he LOVES it! I have to say that I am so over bottle feeds and I think he is as well, I can just tell he wants something more.. feeding is now a lot of fun and we both really enjoy it.
Ok enough of the obsessive mama talk (I can talk about Jacob all day!)

In other news, I have opened up my first supply shop, Zips Galore. It has been long over due. It is just another thing to keep busy with. I love a new business adventure! At the moment the shop is only small but depending on the demand, I will be adding more colours and more sizes in the next few months.In other shop news, at the moment I am working on a wholesale order so the shop has been looking a bit sad.. i have loads of new items coming but I just need some time to take the photos, then I am all set!

Ok, gotta keep it short as not much time until the lil guy wakes up and I have a ton of dishes the wash up.

Love you all xoxo

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