Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well after a lovely 2 month break I have decided to get back into it!! I am starting off slow so I have just re-listed some old stock but I am slowing making new items. You might have also noticed that I have added my Monster keyrings and brooches to my shop. I started to put these in a separate shop but soon learned how hard it is to run 2 shops!! I have more monster items coming and well as new pouches so hopefully it doesn't look too all over the place.... I can't help but make these little guys. They make crafting fun. I love sewing but being able to play around with felt and buttons just makes it that little bit more fun and mixes things up a bit!

Thanks for everyone who has managed to stick around. You guys are great!


Tara said...

Hey I was looking up monsters for a school project and came across your little monsters. The crazy thing is that I made an extremely similar collection around the same time you did. I just think its amazing that I have no idea who you are and we came up with the same idea around the same time! Mine were called Odd Gods but definitely and a monster feel.

Odds'n'Blobs said...

great minds think a like hey!!

thanks for stopping by!! :o)

Fluffymall said...

Glad to see you're back! Soon, I will be ordering another pencil case, my son is jealous of the one you made for my gir, lol! How is your pregnancy? I hope all is well.