Saturday, September 13, 2008

I love the internet...

Wow, what a messing and full on few weeks I have had.

We have finally moved house and I love it. I now have so much space! I am in heaven! BUT Telstra have been messing us about for weeks now telling us for the past 2 weeks that our phone will soon be connect but it still hasn't happened so today we just went out and an brought a wireless internet thinggy so we can be online. I had no idea just how lost I would feel without the internet. It really did feel like I had lost an arm.

Good thing about it was that I got lots done around the house and when I wasn't cleaning I was making new items for the shop. Sooo many new things to be listed!! I need to start taking pictures! I dont think many people have any idea just how much time it takes to run a shop online :(

I also had time to make lots of new monsters! (I just need to get them listed!!) My logo and packaging STILL isn't finished which is killing me!! I just feel like everything is everywhere :( I havent made a sale in my monster farm shop but I am mostly to blame as I opened the shop at the worst time (during the move!)

And the orders were still getting packed :)


Heathen's Hearth said...

Oh yes, running an Etsy shop is more than a bit time consuming.

I love your little monsters!! They are adorable. Are they listed on Etsy already? I need to go look at your shop :)


Odds'n'Blobs said...

they sure are on etsy! they have a shop of there own :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your all settled in now:)
Good Luck!