Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time out

Well it has been nice to get away as I have had the time to myself to really sit and think about new ideas for my store.

My Etsy store has been inactive for a few weeks now as I burnt myself out over Christmas and wasn't really ready for it as it was my first year. After the success i had over Christmas it was hard to go back to a sale a week or even 1 every 2 weeks! I often have moments where i think are people really going to want to buy my items in a few months time. Especially when i make 10 items and upload them over a few days and only get couple of hits and not one sale. I have such a huge drive to want to make Odds & Blobs really something but just find it hard to know where to really look to get it to where i want it.

I have been lucky to have been approached by Georgie Love. It was the biggest compliment to have someone ask to sell your stuff and Sally does a really fantastic job with her website. she has a fantastic selection of artists.

I have been planning on adding some new lines for a while but just have not had time on my side as my job is so demanding and takes alot out of me. In the coming weeks I am working on a range of notepads, zippered pouches, pencil cases and cute keychains. I have been meaning to do it for so long as i have this huge stash of fabric but just no time to put it to good use and i haaate wasting good fabric.

oh that was a long one!!! Make sure you check back soon for my new stuff!!

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